Flavia Rainone is a multidisciplinary artist from Venezuela.

Licenced in fine arts and focused on painting. From a small age curious and creative, with a lifelong attraction towards color and shapes.

Her first works are in the world of geometric abstraction, creating simple and disciplined compositions.

With time she submerges herself in a descreet study on chromatology, developing a palette rich in constrasts that surround us spatially and perceptually in her work.

She focuses in investigating the line, gesture, volume, space and fundamentally color.

Little by little her pictorial language evolves to a cleaner structuralism, fusing it now with abstract expressionism.
Without being able to commit herself to a discipline of a single movement, she's in constant exploration.

Currently lives and works in Barcelona.

Flavia is available for independent projects, art commissions, collaborations, murals, exhibits and workshops.



  • 2012 – 2013 University of Barcelona, Visual Arts (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 2009 – 2013 Diploma in Fine Arts, mention in Graphic Arts, Accademia di Belle Arti (Bologna, Italy)



  • "Please help, they don´t let me skate" (colective) Barcelona, Spain 2021
  • "Bridge art garage" (colective) Barcelona, Spain 2020
  • “Tot comença per un punt” (colective) Barcelona, Spain - 2020
  • “Medias Tintas” (colective) Barcelona, Spain - 2019
  • “A Cielo Abierto” (colective) Paris, France - 2019
  • “A Cielo Abierto” (solo show) Barcelona, Spain - 2019
  • “Vertientes” (solo show) Madrid, Spain - 2018
  • “Convergente” (colective) Barcelona, Spain - 2017
  • “Variación Cromática” (solo show) Barcelona, Spain - 2016
  • “Nada” (colective) Barcelona, Spain - 2012
  • “Papel” (solo show) Bologna, Italy - 2011